Writing on a Whim

I’m writing this on a whim at midnight because I’m trying to fall asleep and can’t. I have all of these thoughts and images and ideas running through my head at a mile minute, all trying to burst out of my heart and head at once! My mind aches to release them. To find some kind of relief through physical expression because my vocabulary lacks words to verbally express. I want to create an artistic masterpiece right now. I want to submerge myself in paint, pastels, and pencils and not come up for air until my lungs burn for oxygen and my brain is sufficiently numb and silent. Unfortunately, my college ends next week which means I have to pack. I pretty much finished packing everything up today, so all of my art supplies reside at the bottom of various boxes, meaning I have no outlet for my mind and it is driving me insane!

Sure, I have my sketchbook and a couple of miscellaneous pencils and pens, but it has been a really long time since I’ve experienced the joy of a brush full of paint gliding across a fresh canvas. Aside from digital art and photography, I did have any traditional art classes this semester.I made a poor attempt at painting in my dorm, but the lighting is awful and there is a limited area of space to work in which is extremely frustrating. Thankfully, summer begins in a week, so I’ll have three months to go on a creative rampage in the comfort of my home, and I’m taking figure drawing next semester which should be wonderful. Anyway, I just need to vent a little to subdue my thoughts long enough that I might be able to relax to a point that will let me fall asleep.


Sketchbook Outtakes

Every year I buy a small sketchbook and attempt to fill it up through out the school year. These are outtakes that I consider the best of my 2011-2012 College Freshman sketchbook, so I hope you enjoy. 

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but my life has honestly been extremely hectic since next week is FINALS WEEK. Cue drastic music. Actually, it won’t be that bad. Most of my finals were this week, so I only have two next week and one of them is a project. Therefore, my life has not been all that exciting to blog about unless you enjoy listening to me drone on about studying and what not, which I doubt. So, I give you pictures!


Inked Drawings




Trip to the ER (With Pictures!)

So, you might remember how I mentioned in my previous post about my friend spraining her ankle from falling off a bed at 1am Friday morning. Turn out it wasn’t a sprain. She spent all day Friday either contained to the bed, crawling on her hands and knees, or having us pull her around on a blanket like a sled (or Egyptian deity), and on Saturday she asked me to do her laundry for her and attempted to come with me by pushing herself around in a tiny laundry basket. After that, she decided she might need to get crutches just so she could actually walk, and since we don’t have lives, we had nothing better to do. Field trip to the ER! So after I threw her laundry in the dryer, we called security and headed to the hospital (7:30pm).

I just feel the need to mention here that this is my third time going to the ER this school year. First time one of my friends had pharyngitis and threw up so much that she became dehydrated and delirious. Second time, my roommate came home with alcohol poisoning and stopped breathing. And now you are hearing about the third time, but this time I took pictures. 

Anyway, we get to the ER, and I go get her a wheelchair so she’ll stop hopping everywhere since, quote: “My boobs are so big that it hurts to hop”. The girl in front of us in line dropped glass on her foot, so we had the privilege of seeing a lovely piece of glass jutting out of a bloody ankle. Oh, joy! Then we proceeded to watch Cartoon Network for the next twenty minutes while we waited to get called back. We watched some movie with Kristin Stewart in it. 

We get called back, and I push her back in her wheelchair (I’ve gotten quite good at it), and we get put in the same room as the first time with the same (mean) nurse. It turns out the nurse remembered us from last time, and I am still deciding if that’s a good or bad thing. Within minutes, my friend gets her x-rays done, and it turn out it is not sprained. It’s broken! More specifically, her fibula is broken. Then we waited for another two hours until they decide to finally wrap it up, but she can’t get a cast until she visits an orthopedic doctor, so now that’s been added to our “To Do” list. Hooray for more field trips! ImageUs waiting outside for security to come pick us up.


Watching the trailer for the Avengers on Cartoon Network while we wait to get called back


Her striking a lovely pose


X-rays Image

The wrap. I told her at least she can still paint her toenails. Image
Her making a lovely faceImage

Waiting to get picked up

Markets and Relay

So, life has been a bit crazy these past few days which is why I haven’t posted in the last couple days. On Wednesday, I closed my eyes for a couple minutes around 7:30pm and woke up to my alarm going off at 7am to wake me for my 8am class. I lost about five hours of time to work on my finals, but I got twelve hours of glorious, beautiful, uninterrupted sleep. Also, apparently while I was sleeping, our entire campus had a power outage, and one of our buildings caught on fire. Weird.

Anyway, on Thursday I spent the majority of my time in the darkroom printing photographs for my photography final and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night “partying” in my friend’s dorm until about 3am where she sprained her ankle and now lies miserably in bed surviving off of Jimmy John’s delivery because she can’t walk anywhere. 

Friday was hectic. I went to the downtown market for the first time with a friend (see below picture) and bought a “Sunshine Surprise” smoothie, meaning it had every type of fruit in it. I was really living life on the edge with that decision. It even had mangos in it, and I HATE mangos. Anyway, after the market I went to class (where we never do anything because the professor likes to hear his own voice way too much), and then I rushed off to set up for Relay for Life. I was on the Honors Council team and responsible for our tents decorations. I meant to take pictures, but I forgot (aside for the one below taken with my phone). It was surprisingly fun, especially when my friend and I danced around the track for an entire hour and got all sorts of strange looks from various people, but we were “living in the present” and didn’t mind. At 1am, they have this event called She’s So Hot where one guy from each team dresses up as a girl and does a “catwalk” then preforms a short dance. It was fantastic. Aside from the part where our jerk of an R.A acted like, well, a jerk and swindled my friend out of some of her money and proceeded to talk about what an amazing person he thinks he is, everything went splendidly. ImageImage

Night Time

ImageA snapshot photo I took of the view across the river from my university. The foot is not mine; it belongs to my good friend Alberto who I was having an amazing conversation with at the time about various things like crazy family members, throwing shoes, and dissecting my multiple peculiar phrases. 

Questioning the Obvious

Today, I heard my Introduction to Computers class’s T.A talking about how the students in this class never seem excited to be here and how we keep quiet and stick to completing our assignment (lessons and practice tests for the upcoming exam) despite being allowed to talk and then leave after our fifty minutes of “class” are finished. What surprised me the most and had me giving him a dumbfounded “are you serious?” look was the fact that he honestly didn’t know the answer. So here it is: An answer to his question that he will probably never read.

1. Maybe we don’t seem excited because WE DON’T WANT TO BE HERE. This is a one-credit course required by the university to teach us the Microsoft programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Programs that I believe I have been taking classes on for all three years of middle school and a class in high school. I’m pretty sure I know how to move a slide forward on PowerPoint and create a heading in Word. It’s not rocket science. And, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to personally send you a thank you note for wasting that hour of my day I could be working on my 15-page report or studying for my biology exam. Really appreciate it.

2. This class is at 10am. Maybe it’s not as torturous as the 8am class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays, but it is still pretty awful because, like many of my fellow students, my finals are quickly approaching. To top it off, most of my finals are project-based and therefore require more effort than just opening a notebook and reading the content. Therefore, I often forgo sleep for the option of attempting to get a good grade. Coffee can only do so much, and I should know since I drink about two cups of it in order to even gain the willpower to attend your class. So, yeah, 10am sucks.

3. The things I am learning in this class are 90% irrelevant to me. I’m a graphic design major. I don’t need to learn how to create a crappy, pathetic looking little flyer on Word when I can use InDesign or Photoshop. Better yet, instead of using ClipArt, I can actually make MY OWN GRAPHICS in Illustrator (which look 100 times better if I do say so myself). Also, we are learning on the PC version of Microsoft. I have a Mac. Whenever I try to apply what I learn in this class, I can’t find what I’m looking for because either a) it doesn’t exist in my version or b) it’s placed somewhere completely different. Once again, why am I taking this class? Oh, yeah. It’s REQUIRED, meaning I don’t have a choice, meaning I am taking it against my will, meaning I probably don’t want to be here (see reason 1)

4. It just adds more work and studying to my schedule. Enough said. Maybe I should send you some flowers with that thank you note.

So, those are my reasons, and I’m sure other people could come up with plenty more. As long as I get an “A”, I really don’t care but please don’t question the obvious because it’s a bit irritating. Good news is that my roommate and I are getting along again. She even gave me a bracelet, and I made her coffee this morning. Hooray for friendship!


ImageI thought today I would share one of my pieces of art I am most proud of. This was actually done last semester for my Beginning to Design final, which was to be inspired by either a song or poem and create something on a 36″x24″ canvas. I picked “Animal” by Neon Trees. I wanted to express how animalistic, wild, and desperate love makes us, and whenever I hear this song I seem to think in these color for some reason. It’s mixed media: acrylic paint, marker, newspaper, and watercolor.

Sorry if these thoughts are all jumbled, but I have been working all day and have only eaten a slice of pizza and an apple. I’m very, very tired….and hungry….

Pikachu Tattoo

I have this wonderful friend at my university (dare I say best friend) who was actually the first person I met. Aside from her and her roommate, I was one of the first people to arrive at the dorms, and I didn’t know I needed to find an RA to get into my room. So here I am, running up and down the halls with arms full of stuff trying to figure out what to do because I had been stuck in a car for several hours and really needed to pee, and I come across her and her roommate in their room. The conversation goes as following:

Me: Hello (frantically)

Her: Hi

Me: How did you get into your room?

Her: You have to find an RA downstairs with a key to open it for you. -awkward pause-

Me: I’m going to go now because I really need to pee. Bye!

Her: Okay, bye. Good luck!

And then I quickly run off in desperate need to relieve my bladder. Next thing I know, her and I are sticking together during orientation and hanging out between classes. It all worked out quite splendidly.

Anyway, she has a zombie pikachu tattoo on her boob and often dyes her hair a bright pin, which looks very good on her. This has made her quite well known at our school between both students and staff, and for some reason especially among the sports teams. The first instance this became apparent was when we were walking past the lacrosse team’s practice, and every single player got really quiet and stopped to stare at us, and we heard one of the players whisper “That’s her. The one with the tattoo”. The most recent occurrence, that makes me write this post, is one she told me today where she ran into the basketball team, and they all catcalled her but in the mean, making-fun-of way. Honestly, people are simply unbelievably rude at times because this girl is one of the nicest, most polite, and most accepting people I have ever met, and it irritates me that people do this without any consideration to others’ feelings.

Naturally, after she told me this it launched us into a conversation about how visually stepping out of social norms through clothing, tattoos, hair, etc instantly draws peoples’ attention to you and how this is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it allows you to stand out from the mass of 7 billion people in the world and create a unique identity that is unlike anyone else. However, it’s a curse because instances like the one that happened to her occur. Personally, I don’t stand out as much as her. I have a nose piercing (a stud), and I sometimes put red or blue coloring in my hair, and I enjoy dressing in vintage clothes or in a punk-like manner. However, nose piercings have become common, my hair is dark so the colors don’t stand out as much and look more natural, and I don’t dress that way every day because when you have an 8am class you are just too tired to put effort into appearance most of the time. Still, after talking and thinking about it, I came to the conclusion I would much rather stand out than blend in because life is too short to go unnoticed. This doesn’t mean I want to be the center of attention and be a social butterfly surrounded by a mass of people (oh god, no! Introvert here, remember). It’s just nice that when I’m walking to class I stand out to the point that people will notice me and recognize me because it means I’m memorable. Who wants to follow the norm anyway? The norm tends to be a bit boring in my opinion. I would rather chase a cat through the park at 9pm or discuss the probability of each religions accuracy than go clubbing or partying any day (and yes, I am speaking from experience).



A friend of mine sent this in an email, and it’s a fantastic talk on introversion. If you have twenty minutes to spare, I highly recommend watching it.