Questioning the Obvious

Today, I heard my Introduction to Computers class’s T.A talking about how the students in this class never seem excited to be here and how we keep quiet and stick to completing our assignment (lessons and practice tests for the upcoming exam) despite being allowed to talk and then leave after our fifty minutes of “class” are finished. What surprised me the most and had me giving him a dumbfounded “are you serious?” look was the fact that he honestly didn’t know the answer. So here it is: An answer to his question that he will probably never read.

1. Maybe we don’t seem excited because WE DON’T WANT TO BE HERE. This is a one-credit course required by the university to teach us the Microsoft programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Programs that I believe I have been taking classes on for all three years of middle school and a class in high school. I’m pretty sure I know how to move a slide forward on PowerPoint and create a heading in Word. It’s not rocket science. And, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to personally send you a thank you note for wasting that hour of my day I could be working on my 15-page report or studying for my biology exam. Really appreciate it.

2. This class is at 10am. Maybe it’s not as torturous as the 8am class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays, but it is still pretty awful because, like many of my fellow students, my finals are quickly approaching. To top it off, most of my finals are project-based and therefore require more effort than just opening a notebook and reading the content. Therefore, I often forgo sleep for the option of attempting to get a good grade. Coffee can only do so much, and I should know since I drink about two cups of it in order to even gain the willpower to attend your class. So, yeah, 10am sucks.

3. The things I am learning in this class are 90% irrelevant to me. I’m a graphic design major. I don’t need to learn how to create a crappy, pathetic looking little flyer on Word when I can use InDesign or Photoshop. Better yet, instead of using ClipArt, I can actually make MY OWN GRAPHICS in Illustrator (which look 100 times better if I do say so myself). Also, we are learning on the PC version of Microsoft. I have a Mac. Whenever I try to apply what I learn in this class, I can’t find what I’m looking for because either a) it doesn’t exist in my version or b) it’s placed somewhere completely different. Once again, why am I taking this class? Oh, yeah. It’s REQUIRED, meaning I don’t have a choice, meaning I am taking it against my will, meaning I probably don’t want to be here (see reason 1)

4. It just adds more work and studying to my schedule. Enough said. Maybe I should send you some flowers with that thank you note.

So, those are my reasons, and I’m sure other people could come up with plenty more. As long as I get an “A”, I really don’t care but please don’t question the obvious because it’s a bit irritating. Good news is that my roommate and I are getting along again. She even gave me a bracelet, and I made her coffee this morning. Hooray for friendship!

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