Markets and Relay

So, life has been a bit crazy these past few days which is why I haven’t posted in the last couple days. On Wednesday, I closed my eyes for a couple minutes around 7:30pm and woke up to my alarm going off at 7am to wake me for my 8am class. I lost about five hours of time to work on my finals, but I got twelve hours of glorious, beautiful, uninterrupted sleep. Also, apparently while I was sleeping, our entire campus had a power outage, and one of our buildings caught on fire. Weird.

Anyway, on Thursday I spent the majority of my time in the darkroom printing photographs for my photography final and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night “partying” in my friend’s dorm until about 3am where she sprained her ankle and now lies miserably in bed surviving off of Jimmy John’s delivery because she can’t walk anywhere. 

Friday was hectic. I went to the downtown market for the first time with a friend (see below picture) and bought a “Sunshine Surprise” smoothie, meaning it had every type of fruit in it. I was really living life on the edge with that decision. It even had mangos in it, and I HATE mangos. Anyway, after the market I went to class (where we never do anything because the professor likes to hear his own voice way too much), and then I rushed off to set up for Relay for Life. I was on the Honors Council team and responsible for our tents decorations. I meant to take pictures, but I forgot (aside for the one below taken with my phone). It was surprisingly fun, especially when my friend and I danced around the track for an entire hour and got all sorts of strange looks from various people, but we were “living in the present” and didn’t mind. At 1am, they have this event called She’s So Hot where one guy from each team dresses up as a girl and does a “catwalk” then preforms a short dance. It was fantastic. Aside from the part where our jerk of an R.A acted like, well, a jerk and swindled my friend out of some of her money and proceeded to talk about what an amazing person he thinks he is, everything went splendidly. ImageImage

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