Trip to the ER (With Pictures!)

So, you might remember how I mentioned in my previous post about my friend spraining her ankle from falling off a bed at 1am Friday morning. Turn out it wasn’t a sprain. She spent all day Friday either contained to the bed, crawling on her hands and knees, or having us pull her around on a blanket like a sled (or Egyptian deity), and on Saturday she asked me to do her laundry for her and attempted to come with me by pushing herself around in a tiny laundry basket. After that, she decided she might need to get crutches just so she could actually walk, and since we don’t have lives, we had nothing better to do. Field trip to the ER! So after I threw her laundry in the dryer, we called security and headed to the hospital (7:30pm).

I just feel the need to mention here that this is my third time going to the ER this school year. First time one of my friends had pharyngitis and threw up so much that she became dehydrated and delirious. Second time, my roommate came home with alcohol poisoning and stopped breathing. And now you are hearing about the third time, but this time I took pictures. 

Anyway, we get to the ER, and I go get her a wheelchair so she’ll stop hopping everywhere since, quote: “My boobs are so big that it hurts to hop”. The girl in front of us in line dropped glass on her foot, so we had the privilege of seeing a lovely piece of glass jutting out of a bloody ankle. Oh, joy! Then we proceeded to watch Cartoon Network for the next twenty minutes while we waited to get called back. We watched some movie with Kristin Stewart in it. 

We get called back, and I push her back in her wheelchair (I’ve gotten quite good at it), and we get put in the same room as the first time with the same (mean) nurse. It turns out the nurse remembered us from last time, and I am still deciding if that’s a good or bad thing. Within minutes, my friend gets her x-rays done, and it turn out it is not sprained. It’s broken! More specifically, her fibula is broken. Then we waited for another two hours until they decide to finally wrap it up, but she can’t get a cast until she visits an orthopedic doctor, so now that’s been added to our “To Do” list. Hooray for more field trips! ImageUs waiting outside for security to come pick us up.


Watching the trailer for the Avengers on Cartoon Network while we wait to get called back


Her striking a lovely pose


X-rays Image

The wrap. I told her at least she can still paint her toenails. Image
Her making a lovely faceImage

Waiting to get picked up

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