Writing on a Whim

I’m writing this on a whim at midnight because I’m trying to fall asleep and can’t. I have all of these thoughts and images and ideas running through my head at a mile minute, all trying to burst out of my heart and head at once! My mind aches to release them. To find some kind of relief through physical expression because my vocabulary lacks words to verbally express. I want to create an artistic masterpiece right now. I want to submerge myself in paint, pastels, and pencils and not come up for air until my lungs burn for oxygen and my brain is sufficiently numb and silent. Unfortunately, my college ends next week which means I have to pack. I pretty much finished packing everything up today, so all of my art supplies reside at the bottom of various boxes, meaning I have no outlet for my mind and it is driving me insane!

Sure, I have my sketchbook and a couple of miscellaneous pencils and pens, but it has been a really long time since I’ve experienced the joy of a brush full of paint gliding across a fresh canvas. Aside from digital art and photography, I did have any traditional art classes this semester.I made a poor attempt at painting in my dorm, but the lighting is awful and there is a limited area of space to work in which is extremely frustrating. Thankfully, summer begins in a week, so I’ll have three months to go on a creative rampage in the comfort of my home, and I’m taking figure drawing next semester which should be wonderful. Anyway, I just need to vent a little to subdue my thoughts long enough that I might be able to relax to a point that will let me fall asleep.

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