Random Conversation Today

Cast List:

Payton = friend who just got her first kiss a week ago

Taylor = friend who has never had a first kiss or boyfriend and doesn’t plan on achieving either in the near future

Me = Me

The conversation at the pool today goes as following:

Payton: Taylor, you really need to get your first kiss. It’s great! (After droning on and on about her first kiss)

Taylor: Ew, no. I don’t feel the need to swap saliva with someone. That’s just unsanitary!

Payton: Oh, come on!

Me: I don’t know, Taylor. Some people treat it as a recreational activity.

Taylor: The only way I would exchange saliva or perform an sexual act with someone was if I was paid.

Me: No, that’s prostitution which is illegal.

Taylor, Payton: Silence

Me: I’m just saying….

End of Conversation  

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