Community Service T-shirt Design


Hello, again. 

I work at as a graphic design assistant at the Public Relations Office at my school, and I was requested to do a t-shirt design for an annual community service day that the university organizes. I wanted to share one of the designs I created. Unfortunately, this was not the design chosen because the Director thought it was too young for university students. Instead, she requested a peace sign made out of the information. I told her my concerns of the information actually being legible with the warping and whatnot. In my head, I also added how tacky, overused, uncreative, and plain dumb I thought it was, but I took the idea and mocked it up while also giving her an alternative design where I presented the information in a square format and then overlaid a peace sign on top but deleted everywhere the peace sign didn’t touch the text. I hope that makes sense. I’m only not posting it because it is the design they are going to use, and it has a lot of information in it that I don’t want to share on a public blog.

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  1. the director is a fool, great design

    • Thank you so much!

      • That’s the issue I tend to notice in the clothing work-field for events involving school or education in general, It just doesn’t make much sense to have someone of an older age decide on what a younger crowd should wear, half of the time it just doesn’t work out

      • I agree. Plus, it is a matter of taste level in general. For example, how the director wanted the cliche peace sign made out of the information. By the way, I like the work you’ve posted on your blog. Especially the one in the post “Canvastasticaly Catastrophic”. I enjoyed watching your progression.

      • Most old folks lack taste :p and thank you

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