Hello. I  joined WordPress because I have decided that I need a place to share my thoughts. Whether or not people read them honestly doesn’t matter, but I’ve attempted keeping a diary and that failed miserably because my absentmindedness caused me to forget where I put it or just forget about it period. Therefore, I have decided since I’m always on my computer a blogpost could possibly be the perfect solution, but we’ll see. The fact that it’s public and maybe people will read it and be interested in my life is just an added bonuss. Anyway, I guess I’ll tell a little about myself. I am currently a sophomore in a college, and I am majoring in graphic design and minoring business. Art is my passion, and I dedicate most of my time to it. Despite being a graphic design major, I lean towards the traditional side and hope to go into illustration. My reasoning: art is in a transition towards more digital media, so it is more beneficial for me to get a degree that focuses in the digital area in order to learn the programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and take the optional traditional art classes on the side. It’s a win win situation. Plus, the minor in business won’t hurt. Thanks to AP classes, I am actually able to do this. That’s about all the information I feel like giving at the moment. Have a spectacular day or tomorrow if you’re about to go to sleep.

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