Drama with an Extra Side of Drama

I am aware that I have not posted in a long time. The school year started up, and next thing I know I am swamped in drama (non-school related drama). First, my best friend here starts having problems with her fiancé, her mom’s murder trial is coming up, she can’t get a job, she is struggling with her classes, and she is depressed (she recently started Prozac). Also, we have our first huge fight that lasts an entire weekend because I’m not getting sleep and behaving like a “bitch” according to her, and she is being snappy and rude to me because of all the stress she is under.

Second, I started going out with this ROTC guy who I thought was great at the time and actually developing very serious feeling for, but it turns out he had feeling for his platoon leader who wants to enter into a relationship out of the blue right after he and I started dating. Two hours after we officially broke up, the two of them are Facebook official. Apparently, the situation stressed him out so much though that he flunked his midterm, and he stopped sleeping, and blah blah blah. Good news is that through this whole experience I found out what a great guy one of my friends was and have now been going out with him for a month. 

Third, my roommate found out she likes girls this semester and officially has a girlfriend. That’s great for her, but my suite mates and I keep walking in on them making out on the couch, or they keep locking me out of my room (thank god I have a key). For the first two weeks of them dating, I was NEVER alone in the room because when my roommate left her girlfriend would stay since she was a commuter. I need alone time. It comes with part of the description of being an introvert. However, I do really like her girlfriend. She works at Starbucks and has brought me free coffee once or twice. Plus, she has great taste in movies. I just don’t want to constantly walk in on them, or anyone for that matter, making out. 

Fourth, I started loosing a lot of weight at the beginning of the year. I went from being about 115lbs (which is already underweight) to about 109lbs the first two weeks of school. It got to the point where you could basically see my ribcage, and my legs became very thin. I was working out daily but eating very little, but I wasn’t aware of it until all of my friends said something because I was starting to look anorexic. I am going to note here that I did suffer with anorexia for about a half a year in my life so that’s why my friends’ were especially concerned. After that I started doing little things like drinking whole milk instead of skim, consuming more carbohydrates and protein, and occasionally eating a small dessert after a meal. I’m back to being 115lbs. 

These are the major highlights of my life over the last two and a half months. There have been other little things that don’t exactly concern me but involve my friends. Such as my suite mate who now wants to transfer because she apparently hates here (however she just got into the nursing program so we shall see) or my other suite mate who is friends with a bunch of guys in the Sigma fraternity here and are worse than a bunch of sorority girls. After this post, I think I will post some of my figure drawing pictures. 


Random Conversation Today

Cast List:

Payton = friend who just got her first kiss a week ago

Taylor = friend who has never had a first kiss or boyfriend and doesn’t plan on achieving either in the near future

Me = Me

The conversation at the pool today goes as following:

Payton: Taylor, you really need to get your first kiss. It’s great! (After droning on and on about her first kiss)

Taylor: Ew, no. I don’t feel the need to swap saliva with someone. That’s just unsanitary!

Payton: Oh, come on!

Me: I don’t know, Taylor. Some people treat it as a recreational activity.

Taylor: The only way I would exchange saliva or perform an sexual act with someone was if I was paid.

Me: No, that’s prostitution which is illegal.

Taylor, Payton: Silence

Me: I’m just saying….

End of Conversation  

An Abundance of Scarves

Today I have been crocheting like a madman. Since summer break has begun, I have crocheted four scarves and am currently working on the fifth. When everyone at my university found out I was making one for myself (I REALLY wanted a rainbow scarf and was too cheap to actually buy one), they decided to put in an order of their own. So now I am drowning in all of the yarn I bought and stocked up in my room, but at least my cat is having a good time. I don’t think she’s left my room since yesterday.


I shipped out two scarves last week to my friends, and I’m waiting to give on to a little girl I babysit. The one I’m working on now is for a family friend who use to serve in the Navy, so the scarf is blue and gold stripes. I just like making scarves for people. No one has ever gotten pissed off at getting a scarf. So if their day is terrible, then at least they can say that they got a crummy scarf crocheted by a mediocre crocheter who only knows one stitch, and I get to keep on crocheting without creating an avalanche of scarves at my house because that’s the only thing I know how to make. Everyone wins!


On a partial side note, today must have been Let the Husband Sleep in the Car as I Shop at Joannes Day today because I saw at least three people celebrating the holiday. I guess I just didn’t get the memo. Anyway, just thought I would share a bit of my day. I hope everyone else out there is having an equally splendid life at the moment.

Trip to the ER (With Pictures!)

So, you might remember how I mentioned in my previous post about my friend spraining her ankle from falling off a bed at 1am Friday morning. Turn out it wasn’t a sprain. She spent all day Friday either contained to the bed, crawling on her hands and knees, or having us pull her around on a blanket like a sled (or Egyptian deity), and on Saturday she asked me to do her laundry for her and attempted to come with me by pushing herself around in a tiny laundry basket. After that, she decided she might need to get crutches just so she could actually walk, and since we don’t have lives, we had nothing better to do. Field trip to the ER! So after I threw her laundry in the dryer, we called security and headed to the hospital (7:30pm).

I just feel the need to mention here that this is my third time going to the ER this school year. First time one of my friends had pharyngitis and threw up so much that she became dehydrated and delirious. Second time, my roommate came home with alcohol poisoning and stopped breathing. And now you are hearing about the third time, but this time I took pictures. 

Anyway, we get to the ER, and I go get her a wheelchair so she’ll stop hopping everywhere since, quote: “My boobs are so big that it hurts to hop”. The girl in front of us in line dropped glass on her foot, so we had the privilege of seeing a lovely piece of glass jutting out of a bloody ankle. Oh, joy! Then we proceeded to watch Cartoon Network for the next twenty minutes while we waited to get called back. We watched some movie with Kristin Stewart in it. 

We get called back, and I push her back in her wheelchair (I’ve gotten quite good at it), and we get put in the same room as the first time with the same (mean) nurse. It turns out the nurse remembered us from last time, and I am still deciding if that’s a good or bad thing. Within minutes, my friend gets her x-rays done, and it turn out it is not sprained. It’s broken! More specifically, her fibula is broken. Then we waited for another two hours until they decide to finally wrap it up, but she can’t get a cast until she visits an orthopedic doctor, so now that’s been added to our “To Do” list. Hooray for more field trips! ImageUs waiting outside for security to come pick us up.


Watching the trailer for the Avengers on Cartoon Network while we wait to get called back


Her striking a lovely pose


X-rays Image

The wrap. I told her at least she can still paint her toenails. Image
Her making a lovely faceImage

Waiting to get picked up

Pikachu Tattoo

I have this wonderful friend at my university (dare I say best friend) who was actually the first person I met. Aside from her and her roommate, I was one of the first people to arrive at the dorms, and I didn’t know I needed to find an RA to get into my room. So here I am, running up and down the halls with arms full of stuff trying to figure out what to do because I had been stuck in a car for several hours and really needed to pee, and I come across her and her roommate in their room. The conversation goes as following:

Me: Hello (frantically)

Her: Hi

Me: How did you get into your room?

Her: You have to find an RA downstairs with a key to open it for you. -awkward pause-

Me: I’m going to go now because I really need to pee. Bye!

Her: Okay, bye. Good luck!

And then I quickly run off in desperate need to relieve my bladder. Next thing I know, her and I are sticking together during orientation and hanging out between classes. It all worked out quite splendidly.

Anyway, she has a zombie pikachu tattoo on her boob and often dyes her hair a bright pin, which looks very good on her. This has made her quite well known at our school between both students and staff, and for some reason especially among the sports teams. The first instance this became apparent was when we were walking past the lacrosse team’s practice, and every single player got really quiet and stopped to stare at us, and we heard one of the players whisper “That’s her. The one with the tattoo”. The most recent occurrence, that makes me write this post, is one she told me today where she ran into the basketball team, and they all catcalled her but in the mean, making-fun-of way. Honestly, people are simply unbelievably rude at times because this girl is one of the nicest, most polite, and most accepting people I have ever met, and it irritates me that people do this without any consideration to others’ feelings.

Naturally, after she told me this it launched us into a conversation about how visually stepping out of social norms through clothing, tattoos, hair, etc instantly draws peoples’ attention to you and how this is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it allows you to stand out from the mass of 7 billion people in the world and create a unique identity that is unlike anyone else. However, it’s a curse because instances like the one that happened to her occur. Personally, I don’t stand out as much as her. I have a nose piercing (a stud), and I sometimes put red or blue coloring in my hair, and I enjoy dressing in vintage clothes or in a punk-like manner. However, nose piercings have become common, my hair is dark so the colors don’t stand out as much and look more natural, and I don’t dress that way every day because when you have an 8am class you are just too tired to put effort into appearance most of the time. Still, after talking and thinking about it, I came to the conclusion I would much rather stand out than blend in because life is too short to go unnoticed. This doesn’t mean I want to be the center of attention and be a social butterfly surrounded by a mass of people (oh god, no! Introvert here, remember). It’s just nice that when I’m walking to class I stand out to the point that people will notice me and recognize me because it means I’m memorable. Who wants to follow the norm anyway? The norm tends to be a bit boring in my opinion. I would rather chase a cat through the park at 9pm or discuss the probability of each religions accuracy than go clubbing or partying any day (and yes, I am speaking from experience).