Drama with an Extra Side of Drama

I am aware that I have not posted in a long time. The school year started up, and next thing I know I am swamped in drama (non-school related drama). First, my best friend here starts having problems with her fiancé, her mom’s murder trial is coming up, she can’t get a job, she is struggling with her classes, and she is depressed (she recently started Prozac). Also, we have our first huge fight that lasts an entire weekend because I’m not getting sleep and behaving like a “bitch” according to her, and she is being snappy and rude to me because of all the stress she is under.

Second, I started going out with this ROTC guy who I thought was great at the time and actually developing very serious feeling for, but it turns out he had feeling for his platoon leader who wants to enter into a relationship out of the blue right after he and I started dating. Two hours after we officially broke up, the two of them are Facebook official. Apparently, the situation stressed him out so much though that he flunked his midterm, and he stopped sleeping, and blah blah blah. Good news is that through this whole experience I found out what a great guy one of my friends was and have now been going out with him for a month. 

Third, my roommate found out she likes girls this semester and officially has a girlfriend. That’s great for her, but my suite mates and I keep walking in on them making out on the couch, or they keep locking me out of my room (thank god I have a key). For the first two weeks of them dating, I was NEVER alone in the room because when my roommate left her girlfriend would stay since she was a commuter. I need alone time. It comes with part of the description of being an introvert. However, I do really like her girlfriend. She works at Starbucks and has brought me free coffee once or twice. Plus, she has great taste in movies. I just don’t want to constantly walk in on them, or anyone for that matter, making out. 

Fourth, I started loosing a lot of weight at the beginning of the year. I went from being about 115lbs (which is already underweight) to about 109lbs the first two weeks of school. It got to the point where you could basically see my ribcage, and my legs became very thin. I was working out daily but eating very little, but I wasn’t aware of it until all of my friends said something because I was starting to look anorexic. I am going to note here that I did suffer with anorexia for about a half a year in my life so that’s why my friends’ were especially concerned. After that I started doing little things like drinking whole milk instead of skim, consuming more carbohydrates and protein, and occasionally eating a small dessert after a meal. I’m back to being 115lbs. 

These are the major highlights of my life over the last two and a half months. There have been other little things that don’t exactly concern me but involve my friends. Such as my suite mate who now wants to transfer because she apparently hates here (however she just got into the nursing program so we shall see) or my other suite mate who is friends with a bunch of guys in the Sigma fraternity here and are worse than a bunch of sorority girls. After this post, I think I will post some of my figure drawing pictures. 


Aliens, Apocalyptic Movies, and a Dash of Sketchbook

I just saw the movie Alien for the first time last week, and I just have to say I hate alien movies. I hate them. With a burning passion. I wished they would go away. And not come back. No more alien movies. Obviously, based on that fact alone, the movie was not my choice. A couple friends picked it out, and I just sort of decided to go along for the ride. It’s not the concept of aliens that I hate (I’m actually quite fascinated by it), and it is most certainly not the gorgeous 1980s gore in the case of Alien. It’s just that the aliens ALWAYS turn out to be evil and then proceed to attempt or successfully kill off everyone. How incrediblly depressing to think that apprently every single other life form out there feels the need to exterminate the human race. And a bit dull. Let’s stop being predictable Mr. Aliens, please. However, I suppose the director or producer is more to blame than the aliens themselves. Do these people get some sort of perverse pleasure from it? Are they living vicarioulsy through the aliens that kill off the population’s masses? What pleasant people. I just should invite them for tea sometime. Actually, I dislike tea so never mind. Maybe some coffee instead. With cake. That sounds nice. Maybe I would like alien movies then. It’s a theory. Anyway, alien movies come second to apocalyptic movies. I don’t really get any joy from watching Earth get destroyed in various manners.You could almost call it a pet peeve. I think I’ll stick to the reality of the planet currently remaining intact. It’s just a personal preference of mine.


So, on a completely different note, I wanted to draw a fairy today in my sketchbook and accidentally ended up drawing Tinkerbell. Woops. It honestly wasn’t my intention. Originally I imagined a more war-like fairy in armor and whatnot. That obviously did not happen. I don’t know why. Apparently, I don’t have control of my hand. It’s something I probably need to look into. Might need to take a trip to the doctors. Anyway, I posted it below, so enjoy


Writing on a Whim

I’m writing this on a whim at midnight because I’m trying to fall asleep and can’t. I have all of these thoughts and images and ideas running through my head at a mile minute, all trying to burst out of my heart and head at once! My mind aches to release them. To find some kind of relief through physical expression because my vocabulary lacks words to verbally express. I want to create an artistic masterpiece right now. I want to submerge myself in paint, pastels, and pencils and not come up for air until my lungs burn for oxygen and my brain is sufficiently numb and silent. Unfortunately, my college ends next week which means I have to pack. I pretty much finished packing everything up today, so all of my art supplies reside at the bottom of various boxes, meaning I have no outlet for my mind and it is driving me insane!

Sure, I have my sketchbook and a couple of miscellaneous pencils and pens, but it has been a really long time since I’ve experienced the joy of a brush full of paint gliding across a fresh canvas. Aside from digital art and photography, I did have any traditional art classes this semester.I made a poor attempt at painting in my dorm, but the lighting is awful and there is a limited area of space to work in which is extremely frustrating. Thankfully, summer begins in a week, so I’ll have three months to go on a creative rampage in the comfort of my home, and I’m taking figure drawing next semester which should be wonderful. Anyway, I just need to vent a little to subdue my thoughts long enough that I might be able to relax to a point that will let me fall asleep.

Questioning the Obvious

Today, I heard my Introduction to Computers class’s T.A talking about how the students in this class never seem excited to be here and how we keep quiet and stick to completing our assignment (lessons and practice tests for the upcoming exam) despite being allowed to talk and then leave after our fifty minutes of “class” are finished. What surprised me the most and had me giving him a dumbfounded “are you serious?” look was the fact that he honestly didn’t know the answer. So here it is: An answer to his question that he will probably never read.

1. Maybe we don’t seem excited because WE DON’T WANT TO BE HERE. This is a one-credit course required by the university to teach us the Microsoft programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Programs that I believe I have been taking classes on for all three years of middle school and a class in high school. I’m pretty sure I know how to move a slide forward on PowerPoint and create a heading in Word. It’s not rocket science. And, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to personally send you a thank you note for wasting that hour of my day I could be working on my 15-page report or studying for my biology exam. Really appreciate it.

2. This class is at 10am. Maybe it’s not as torturous as the 8am class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays, but it is still pretty awful because, like many of my fellow students, my finals are quickly approaching. To top it off, most of my finals are project-based and therefore require more effort than just opening a notebook and reading the content. Therefore, I often forgo sleep for the option of attempting to get a good grade. Coffee can only do so much, and I should know since I drink about two cups of it in order to even gain the willpower to attend your class. So, yeah, 10am sucks.

3. The things I am learning in this class are 90% irrelevant to me. I’m a graphic design major. I don’t need to learn how to create a crappy, pathetic looking little flyer on Word when I can use InDesign or Photoshop. Better yet, instead of using ClipArt, I can actually make MY OWN GRAPHICS in Illustrator (which look 100 times better if I do say so myself). Also, we are learning on the PC version of Microsoft. I have a Mac. Whenever I try to apply what I learn in this class, I can’t find what I’m looking for because either a) it doesn’t exist in my version or b) it’s placed somewhere completely different. Once again, why am I taking this class? Oh, yeah. It’s REQUIRED, meaning I don’t have a choice, meaning I am taking it against my will, meaning I probably don’t want to be here (see reason 1)

4. It just adds more work and studying to my schedule. Enough said. Maybe I should send you some flowers with that thank you note.

So, those are my reasons, and I’m sure other people could come up with plenty more. As long as I get an “A”, I really don’t care but please don’t question the obvious because it’s a bit irritating. Good news is that my roommate and I are getting along again. She even gave me a bracelet, and I made her coffee this morning. Hooray for friendship!