An Abundance of Scarves

Today I have been crocheting like a madman. Since summer break has begun, I have crocheted four scarves and am currently working on the fifth. When everyone at my university found out I was making one for myself (I REALLY wanted a rainbow scarf and was too cheap to actually buy one), they decided to put in an order of their own. So now I am drowning in all of the yarn I bought and stocked up in my room, but at least my cat is having a good time. I don’t think she’s left my room since yesterday.


I shipped out two scarves last week to my friends, and I’m waiting to give on to a little girl I babysit. The one I’m working on now is for a family friend who use to serve in the Navy, so the scarf is blue and gold stripes. I just like making scarves for people. No one has ever gotten pissed off at getting a scarf. So if their day is terrible, then at least they can say that they got a crummy scarf crocheted by a mediocre crocheter who only knows one stitch, and I get to keep on crocheting without creating an avalanche of scarves at my house because that’s the only thing I know how to make. Everyone wins!


On a partial side note, today must have been Let the Husband Sleep in the Car as I Shop at Joannes Day today because I saw at least three people celebrating the holiday. I guess I just didn’t get the memo. Anyway, just thought I would share a bit of my day. I hope everyone else out there is having an equally splendid life at the moment.



ImageI thought today I would share one of my pieces of art I am most proud of. This was actually done last semester for my Beginning to Design final, which was to be inspired by either a song or poem and create something on a 36″x24″ canvas. I picked “Animal” by Neon Trees. I wanted to express how animalistic, wild, and desperate love makes us, and whenever I hear this song I seem to think in these color for some reason. It’s mixed media: acrylic paint, marker, newspaper, and watercolor.

Sorry if these thoughts are all jumbled, but I have been working all day and have only eaten a slice of pizza and an apple. I’m very, very tired….and hungry….